Talking Race with the Privlidged and the Really Privlidged.

I’ve been stuck a lot lately listening to the moronic ramblings of both my hilljack friends and the not-nearly-as-moronic-but-still-annoying refined friends. Half of the folks I know have terminal degrees and the other half are just terminal, it’s usually COPD. I have footholds in both worlds. I’m not part of the intelligentsia, more like intelligentsia […]

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White People Ruin Everything.

I have had no less than four episodes of near head explosion in the past 48 hours and three of those were over the contemptible nonsense I saw from some of my Appalachian pals over the Government shutdown. There were two distinct and equally ignorant threads 1) the “sorry guys no paychecks (for us military […]

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No Place for Happiness

I had a few cocktails with a hometown friend over the holiday. We met in a dark fancy bar as respite from family obligations and caught up a bit. This past year has been horrible and my depression has been unusually oppressive lately so it was a relief to see someone who knows me well. […]

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As the Truck Says…

Thanks to a fatal car crash on Interstate 70, I took a detour last week through Trump country. I equally commiserate with and loathe these people. Being ½ hillbilly myself, I’ve suppressed many comments at family gatherings about politics in general and Mr. Trump specifically. I realize that this makes me part of the problem but […]

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