Songbook Stories

I’ve spent the last few years studying screenwriting in all of my spare time. This is a short script I submitted in for a 48 hour short screenplay challenge. My suggestions were a Piano bar, a newspaper article in a ghost story.

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Drop H- Bomb Here

I’m a lazy person. I work as little as I can possibly get away with, I take my trash cans out the night before so I don’t have to wake up at 8am on Wednesdays, and sometimes I’m too lazy to be a feminists. Oh,  I’m also stupid. Like  “flunked remedial math in community college […]

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Bishops will be Boys.

Catholic kids were always the meanest. I grew up Catholic and not in the “we went to Church” way but in the “Catholic school going, participating in a Church life, having the Aunt who knew what Saint to pray to, Marian Missals all over the damn house” Catholic. My Aunt was an Ursuline Sister, my […]

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World Autism Day

On World Autism Day I took my adult autistic daughter to get a cystoscopy. The fun, it never ends.  I’m not going to go into the myriad of probably stress related medical issues that led to the procedure but suffice to say she has averaged one medical appointment a week in the past year. The […]

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2020: The Masked Zinger

Well, well, well. So here we are, 2021.  Almost every second of this past year included so many teachable moments. You could say it was a year where everyone was an exceptional parent. That’s the term used in the US to describe someone who ends up with a special needs child; the Exceptional Parent. These […]

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