When Plastic was Good

I remember growing up in the 1970’s. When having two cars was unheard of and rich people sucked. The cool kids were the slobs, they were Cutters and rode their bikes all day. Our parents smoked, we made prank phone calls and adults were scary. We were working poor and our Fathers had heart attacks. […]

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Dad was Different….

I had a greatest generation Dad. The kind of guy who worked, went to church and had a chair that was reserved, by law, for him in front of the tv. You didn’t see this type of Dad much unless you were in trouble or he needed a socket wrench. Except my dad didn’t use […]

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As the Truck Says…

Thanks to a fatal car crash on Interstate 70, I took a detour last week through Trump country. I equally commiserate with and loathe these people. Being ½ hillbilly myself, I’ve suppressed many comments at family gatherings about politics in general and Mr. Trump specifically. I realize that this makes me part of the problem but […]

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