Lowered Expectations

I don’t know who Paul Thompson is but he has written what sounds like an awesome book,  Aim Low: A Story About Lowered Expectations.  I  may read it, or listen to it or whatever I have to do to consume this material.  I’m still slogging through the end of Vulgar Favors—the rest of the book […]

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That Autism Memory Loop

Lots of us live in the past. I spend too much time there, in the what if’s and should have’s that only make me feel bad. Regret is that pet you buy but you can’t take care of and never leaves your memory. I live with the revolving door of my autistic daughter’s memory. She […]

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A Year Without Autism

It’s been one year since I moved my then 22 year old autistic daughter into her supported living apartment. As part of the transition, the apartment was set up weeks before she moved. She visited a few times before the move so she had a visual picture of what she new home would be like. […]

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The Lovely Eggs 

[a creative nonfiction but that was just rejected for publication]  I spent the better part of the last 20 years letting three children suck the life out of me. They consistently depended on my help at all kinds of ungodly hours. Preschool aged mornings were the worst. I had twin girls, one of whom had […]

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Entitlement Benefits: Part 1 of the Disability Holy Trinity

Parents of disabled kids are always on the internet yammering away about something tragic or poignant. Some are more elegant than others (see the exceedingly beautiful essayhttp://velamag.com/superbabies-dont-cry/), but all parents of “specials” experience our children in a pointedly unique way.  To put some corporate jargon spin on it, we are afforded more opportunities to “syngerize” […]

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I Want My 90’s Back

In 1987 I was sitting in a sociology survey class at Ohio State and read a book that was designed for people born, as I was, in 1968. The instructor was a Baby Boomer and also the author of the book. He was professorially gleeful in reminding us how much that my generation X owed […]

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