Mitch McConnell Officially Makes my Shit List.

We are the stories that we tell ourselves….

It’s a psedo-businessey mantra that I have laminated in my office to remind myself of something, but I’m not sure what that would be today.

Today was a bad day. I had no good story to tell myself but instead felt like someone else was narrating a dystopian novel in my ear and I was the main character. Nothing but controlled by a complicated set of circumstances that no one actual person controls.

I watched very brave men and women pulled out of wheelchairs for protesting. I just can’t fucking believe what I saw. I thought about my adult intellectually disabled daughter who has no idea what Medicaid is or how badly she needs the services and how she was skipping along going out to an awards dinner tonight. Photo op. No award for her.

Is she aware how little people understand her needs, can she sense the stress?

I think of her Personal Care Attendants who are paid by Medicaid. Have they called their Senators? Do they know that their job is in jeopardy? My guess is that most people don’t care much.

Every day I see the huge cranes and dry docks that service the military industrial complex. The aircraft carrier the USS George HW Bush cost $6.2 billion. There are 19 aircraft carriers in the US Naval fleet. They are magnificent ships. When they talk about even moving their home port—all of the talk is about the jobs the aircraft carriers sustain.

It’s a legitimate concern. Jobs. Money.

The Department of Medicaid employs 4,100. Anthem has 53,000 and they don’t pay for the personal care attendants that my daughter needs to navigate her daily life. The company has too much overhead, probably.

The US Military is designed to protect us. I can make a solid argument that Medicaid is designed to protect us. I sure will hate to see what happened when adults with Alzheimer’s or Autism are left at home alone. Or those folks in wheelchairs.

But the facts don’t matter. They just don’t matter. That’s not a story that I am telling myself.

I live in a country where it’s ok to drag folks out of wheelchairs.

You probably just could have pushed them, would only have taken one person to push. But you used four people to carry and drag these people.

If that’s not government waste, I don’t know what is.

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