America First! as Long as You Mean Americans Killing Foreigners

Our adorable albino Ken Doll of a VP Mike Pence claimed this week that the GOP Health Care Bill will strengthen Medicaid. Sure, cuts of $700 billion is a way to strengthen the program. Good job, liar.  Why diss Medicaid when it  is more cost effective than private insurance right now. 

Maybe I’m a little sore with the whitest of all dark lords because my disabled daughter relies on Medicaid and I work in a public sector job that is partially funded by Medicaid. I’m proud my work of introducing our communities to the mentally ill and intellectually disabled adults who formally resided in institutions. My work is saving the State’s money. You’re welcomed taxpayers.

If this Administration wants to cut federal programs as a way to strengthen them, why not start with themselves? Let’s strengthen our country by cutting your benefits. Instead of your federal plans which rely on the costly private sector, why not make all Feds rely on Medicaid?

I don’t think they are really interested in saving money.  They are interested in perpetual war and looking like they are saving money. Just take a look at the proposed Trump budget…. You would think that these guys would be proud of their services. Wasn’t this the AMERICA FIRST administration? Just look at all of the departments that this proposed budget cuts. Departments that serve our people.

The good news is that people like me, people who have been making due for years….we know how to save some cash. And the real money isn’t in this budget but with the federal defense contractors who rely on our wars for their paychecks. You folks are the real welfare queens. Oh I’m sorry welfare KINGS.


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