Harvey Weinstein: Total Pukefest

I gave up Twitter today. I gave it up in support of Rose McGowan who was, I believe, unfairly targeted by Twitter.  It may seem like a big deal over nothing but it’s not because I believe that when women speak out about anything they are actively silenced by men. This shit has just got to stop.

Now, this ain’t nothing new, people in power usually don’t like to be called out.  This isn’t just a one bad apple problem. McGowan not only called out human pockmark Harvey Weinstein, she called out Amazon. Whoa…Amazon.

Full disclosure,  I eat at Whole (now owned by Amazon) Foods at least three times a week and I’m ever thankful that I can find almost anything I want on Amazon.com. My husband and I even ordered our bulk cat food and had it delivered via Amazon Prime to save our backs from hauling the 40 lb bags from our trunk into the house.  We have Amazon direct tv at home.  I’m not sure how much of my paycheck goes to Amazon, but whatever the amount it’s way too much.  That’s power.

So when McGowan called out some of the business practices out as sexists…well, that takes huge ovaries. HUGE! I tried to look into their practices myself but it’s hard because every time I searched “Amazon” it took me to some product I wanted to buy and it’s pretty embarrassing to admit that I ended up looking through some of the feminists literature offered on Amazon’s website and then I thought that even posting the word Amazon was directing traffic to their site and then I walked away from the computer for a while.

I took a look at some articles about Amazon original programming.  Here are a sample of 20 Amazon Shows. Look at all of the men!  Black men, fat men, old men….28 of them (not counting Jeffrey Tambour) and 13 gorgeous women…well 12 gorgeous women and Tig Notaro (sorry, Tig you’re cute but…).  That’s about 46% women…all beautiful. One of the women was pretty blurry but I counted her. I did not, for the record count the ½ headed women in the “Good Girls Revolt”pic…you have to have a whole head and preferably some body in the pic to be counted.

Not to get all ‘mathy’ but last time I checked, about ½ of all of the people on earth are indeed women and regrettably very few of us are hot. Not that TV should be an accurate representation of our slobby American bodies but it is very clear to me that old fat women are nowhere on tv unless we are cooking up something tasty.

I think about beautiful women like the women featured in these Amazon shows a lot. Many of them are gifted with genetics that make their legs a little longer, their eyes a little bigger, their skin a little smoother but the rest of it is a shit ton of work. Just looking at an aging Leonardo Dicaprio with his receding hairline and jowely, increasingly wrinkly face makes me mad.

I appreciate that we are a visual species, and that the beauty standard is different for men but if we women really want to make an impact we have to do more than call out power, we have to have a sandwich. Stop wearing mascara. Quit being so pretty all of the time.


They always say that women dress for other women well, let me be the first to say that I don’t care what you’re wearing as long as you don’t smell like wet dog or Axe body spray. Want to go out in K-Mart stretch pants and a Joe Boxer oversized t-shirt. No problem here. How about flip flops and a maxi dress? If your feet are clean, I’m not judging you. Want to wear a baseball cap all year long? Good! I hate having to blow dry my hair every day and draw in eyebrows. I mean, who the hell cares?

Want to get all dressed up and dance the night away and pick up some random dude? Sounds awesome.  Want to stay in drinking sparkling moscato and read The Trouble with Women by Jacky Fleming (found on Amazon) and laugh/cry until you pass out? What a great idea! Are these things you can decide to do because you want to? Yes and yes.

I want to see women so empowered that they can get ready to go out in 15 minutes. How’s this: it should take more time to perform a routine oil change on a car than it does to get ready to face the world. Can we make it our new goal, women everywhere?

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

Until we live in a country with a more balanced power structure, I’ll always be glad for the women and people of color who speak out for representation without objectification. Rich men can do a lot of things but brave people do so much more.

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