The Golden Globes are Horseshit and LA Needs to Vote.

I didn’t hear Oprah’s speech because I gave up watching award shows when I realized how truly disgusting they are. Just entertain me, Hollywood monkeys. Award yourselves if you must but it’s your job to make great works of art. I try to imagine a Golden Globes for people who work everyday….how much hard eye rolling would spontaneously occur if we decided to give an award to the Best Actor in the Finance Department. Or awards for excellence in Accounts Receivable when the same people who keep candy jars on their desks are nominated again year after year…I see you academy.

All that to say I missed Queen Oprah’s call to action. I’m sure it was amazing. I remember getting inspired by the the intersticial  voice overs she would do about the most mundane things…”yes” I would think “yes I can start a relationship with my ex-mother in law…” and cry into a dishtowel. I even used to like that fuckface Dr. Phil (although to be clear, he IS a total fuckface). So I’ve no doubt that her speech was AAAAAMMMMMAAAZZZZIIIINGGGG!!!

Maybe instead of wasting precious airtime with a bunch of puffed up nonsense Oprah should have reminded those fuckers in LA to actually vote.  The ladies can wear all of the black dresses they want (and seriously, BLACK?! Make a statement sister and wear anything but black, as if ½ of those women weren’t already going to wear black…) but unless they are voting it means not one tasty cheddar biscuit.

Besides rampant and pervasive misogyny, my shero Hillary Rodham Clinton lost this presidency because she didn’t make you all feel like Oprah. Well that should be a big ole AH HA moment for you, American Electorate. Public Policy is hard, this isn’t like rooting against the Yankees. You don’t get to put on a pretty dress, walk across the red carpet and make a statement.

Take it from the Autism Mom who has fought for a Medicaid Waiver for her disabled daughter in two different states, who duked it out at more than 20 IEP Meetings for two different kids, who has worked in social services since 2001…this shit is hard. It’s like confronting your husband’s lover hard, like telling your kids that you are gay hard. It’s hard.

Let’s attempt to do the hard work….like getting out of bed the second Tuesday in November and VOTING, Start there and stop waiting for Oprah to stick a country under your seat.

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