Money isn’t Kindness

I give people such unmitigated shit on Facebook, it’s really unnecessary but I can’t let this one go. One of my friends posted this Sappy Ass Story about an old woman buying a stack of textbooks for a stranger reminding the youth to “be kind”.

That was her lesson to the youth with her $400.00 textbook purchase.

I hate Guerrilla Capitalism. I hate the people who “play it forward” at Starbucks or give shitty granola bars to the homeless. They feel so good about what they have done. Brava, brave warriors!

I’ve no doubt that there are moments of extreme profundity when randos are decent to each other. I clearly remember the stranger who helped me with a very fussy child by holding him so I could write a check at the grocery store. That small gesture meant a lot to me mostly because it was seamless on the stranger’s part and was met with a simple “no problem” when I thanked her.

Maybe this story struck me because this kid was buying textbooks. Everyone should be simply disgusted at the amount of money textbooks cost and tuition for that matter. Instead of relying on the kindness of strangers (and we all know good things never happen to people who rely on the kindness of strangers) why not say, hey that’s way too expensive and talk to her congressperson about a way to cap tuition fees or textbook fees. Why not that? Oh, that’s HARD. Pulling out a credit card takes care of a lot of problems with just a swipe.

Maybe this textbook buying elder did have a drug addled, homeless son but why bring it up? Does $400.00 make you feel better about that? Therapy is a lot cheaper, lady.

I’m all for old people acting weird in public. Love it…more of that please. But lots of them are hoarding the national wealth. They did get outrageous things like pensions and COD record clubs and life before a 24 hour news cycle. They kind of owe all of us $400, don’t you think?

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