Gary Cohn, You’re Bumming Me Out.

Wealthy, Jewish, Clevelander, dyslexic, Democrat are all things that I normally like in succession especially to describe an actual person, replace anyone of those attributes with something else and I have questions. Gary Cohn, Director of the US National Economic Council should be, based on the above mentioned qualifiers, a good guy. But somewhere along  the way, this guy fucked up.

I know this is old news but I just saw this Gary Cohn nonsense.  There are many ways you can look at household income and obvs this administration only cares about the 25% of Americans who have a college degree. Even then, they would be lucky to make 100k a year. (take for example my PhD husband who just broke the 60k mark)  But I’ll go with your math Mr. fancy pants Bachelors Degreed Cohn, their $100,000 annual income is still less than their household debt.  But, ya know, whateves. I say tomato and you say fuck off, poor people.

One thing has become abundantly clear to this white trash economist, the more income you have, the more credit you get and the more credit you get the more debt you have.  I was just a little freaked out when I first got one of those scammy frequent flier credit cards and my trashy Capital One  credit card that I have had since the beginning of time immemorial more than doubled my credit limit automatically.  Just cause someone else gave me credit! And just like a Real American, I immediately started planning a vacation just to break in that new credit limit, amirite?!  Now, I have a mortgage, student debt, even a car payment but it’s not like I’m going to pay down those on my credit card?! (unless I was super short on cash in which case I totally would.)

Putting aside my honorary economics degree and speaking only as an American, I’m wondering how Gary Cohn can justify serving a President that his former company wouldn’t invest in? How does that work? Trump isn’t credible enough for the fine investors of Goldman Sachs but lowly American citizens? Fuck ’em. Let them buy their  $1,000.00 car.  I mean I know you Trump people aren’t known for your ethics but you hurt me, Gary Cohn. As an Ohioan, a democrat, a self appointed Clevelander….you hurt me bad.

I want the scrutiny you use to advise this president to be HIGHER than the scrutiny used for your Goldman Sachs clients. Frankly, it seems like the right thing to do.

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