No Place for Happiness

I had a few cocktails with a hometown friend over the holiday. We met in a dark fancy bar as respite from family obligations and caught up a bit. This past year has been horrible and my depression has been unusually oppressive lately so it was a relief to see someone who knows me well. […]

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You Gotta be Hungry

I’m experiencing a nasty seasonal depression.  I don’t know why. This is the year that an entire generation of my family officially died (less my mother) but it isn’t tragic. The world may be run by Toilet Babies but I’m still making money. And I actually tend to lose weight when I’m depressed so I […]

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Get Your Own Damn Coffee!

Most times we don’t notice but the world is ever changing in teeny tiny bits. Then sometimes changes pop us over the head, impossible to ignore. It’s like hearing a word for the first time and then hearing it over and over again. How have I not heard that word before and how many other […]

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